The top myths DEBUNKED to find reliable web hosting personnel

According to estimation, there are more than half a billion websites in the world in recent times, and this number will grow exponentially in the coming years. With the increasing number of websites, the need for webhosting services and personnel is also increasing. However, people usually fail to make the right decision in the selection of webhosting service providers because of a number of myths that are associated with these services. Let’s take a look at these common webhosting myths which mislead the customers.

All Webhosting Service Providers Are Similar

People usually believe that there’s no difference in the services provided by different webhosting providers. Hence, they choose any one of them without thorough research. In reality, there are good and bad webhosting service providers. As shown in this list of the top hosting companies, some providers may not offer their promised packages or services after you sign up with them such as unlimited bandwidth, no restrictions on image size, main domain, and more. Hence, always conduct a comprehensive research and look for feedbacks and testimonials while selecting a webhosting service for your website.

Webhosting Is Complex

It’s also a common myth that webhosting is only suitable for people who’re IT-educated and have a good understanding of programming. However, in recent times, webhosting is literally made for the masses. Even if you don’t have any idea about the complexities of programming, all you need to do is search for the appropriate webhosts who can provide you the specific features and services needed for the proper running of your website. The paid service providers fix all the programming and installation issues themselves.

Free Service Providers Are the Best

Most of the people believe that since all service providers are more or less similar, the ones who’re offering their services for free are the best option to choose as they won’t need to spend a single penny. However, there are a lot of drawbacks associated with free webhosting. These providers don’t offer customized customer support, hence, you won’t get any professional help if you’re stuck with some programming or installation issue on your website. Also, these webhosts place different advertisements on your website to generate income in order to support their free services. These advertisements can be highly distracting and annoying for your potential customers. The internet speed is also usually slow with frequent downtimes in case of free webhosting.

Hosting Features Don’t Make Any Big Difference

People don’t realize the importance of different hosting features. Hence, they don’t deliberate much, while selecting a particular package for webhosting. However, these features hold extreme significance in the comfortable running of a website. These features include:


The best webhosts guarantee uptimes like 95% or 99% uptime guarantee. If the downtime for the month exceeds the limits, then the webhosts provide compensation to their clients for the unexpected downtime. Such webhosts should always be a first priority as their promise reflects their topnotch services and consistency.


If your website loads at a snail’s speed, then you can never have appreciable traffic at your site. Hence, it’s extremely important to choose such webhosts which have a superfast data transfer, fast networking setups, and fast servers.


Always ask for different platforms through which you can ask for support and guidance from your webhosts in case of any glitch or mishap, for instance, phone call, email, live chat, and more. Reliable and professional webhosts are always ready to provide after-sale customer support.

Economical Webhosts Are Unreliable and Ineffective

It’s a common misconception that cost-effective webhosts don’t provide a secure and reliable service. In reality, there are many economical webhosting service providers who are offering supreme uptime and high-quality hosting infrastructure with utmost security. They have well-functioning firewall, anti-spam, and anti-virus programs to provide optimum protection to their servers and customers. These security software completely safeguard the integrity, privacy, and reputation of your website.

Webhosts Offer Unlimited Resources

People also believe that webhosting packages offer unlimited resources. They believe that once they’ve signed-up for a package, they can host hundreds of big files and there won’t be any space shortage issues. In reality, the advertisements of some of the webhosts regarding unlimited bandwidth, unrestricted disk space and so on, are highly misleading. If that was for real, everyone would benefit from the unlimited resources and share a single account with all their friends and family.

There are always certain terms and conditions associated with the so-called unlimited resources. Hence, always read the specific ‘Terms of Service’ of your selected webhosting service providers.

A Person Should Host With Their Domain Register

It’s also commonly believed that the best approach is to host your website with the particular company in which your domain name is registered. In reality, there are a number of webhosts which provide substandard hosting services but happen to be famous domain registrars. But there are also webhosting companies which provide domain registration along with supreme hosting services. The whole point is that it’s not obligatory to sign up for the hosing services of the same company where your domain is registered. You must look for the most appropriate company which excels in every category. It’s not a difficult task to redirect your registered domain to a different company which provides better hosting services.

There Won’t Be Any Negative Reviews of a Good Webhost

People firmly believe that a good webhost can never receive a bad review because a satisfied customer won’t have any complaints against their host. The truth is that, the more famous your company is, the more people will talk and write about it, both good and bad. Also, there isn’t always reality in a bad review. Some competitive webhosts also write bad reviews against a company to sabotage their reputation and business. Of course, there are surely some legitimate negative reviews. What we need to realize is that we can’t blindly trust the reviews while selecting a particular webhost for our company. The important factors which should be considered in this regard is the overall performance of the webhost i.e. their services, guarantees, and reliability, and their business history i.e. how long they’ve been in this business.

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