The top myths DEBUNKED to find reliable web hosting personnel

According to estimation, there are more than half a billion websites in the world in recent times, and this number will grow exponentially in the coming years. With the increasing number of websites, the need for webhosting services and personnel is also increasing. However, people usually fail to make the right decision in the selection of webhosting service providers because of a number of myths that are associated with these services. Let’s take a look at these common webhosting myths which mislead the customers.

All Webhosting Service Providers Are Similar

People usually believe that there’s no difference in the services provided by different webhosting providers. Hence, they choose any one of them without thorough research. In reality, there are good and bad webhosting service providers. As shown in this list of the top hosting companies, some providers may not offer their promised packages or services after you sign up with them such as unlimited bandwidth, no restrictions on image size, main domain, and more. Hence, always conduct a comprehensive research and look for feedbacks and testimonials while selecting a webhosting service for your website.